Drupalship.org a starter kit for newcomers

Submitted by christophe on Wed, 27/09/2017 - 00:42
Drupalship.org screenshot

The seed of this idea was sown during the session of Dave Hall given in the DrupalCamp Antwerp on September 2017.
Just have a look at what follows, it describes the adoption process of Drupal compared to other solutions like Contentful.

So, one of the mentioned changes can be the onboarding of new developers, project managers and future contributors.
Drupal.org is a gold mine of documentation when you know where to look, but as a newcomer you can quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of contents and the learning curve.

Today, building a website in Drupal 8 is faster than ever, even for a beginner.
Or let’s rephrase this: it can be fast when you have the right information at your fingertips.

A MVP of the Drupalship.org website will be released on early October. Prepare for ignition.


DrupalCamp Antwerp 2017 YouTube playlist


This is a great move. IMO, the only drawback of Drupal has been the steep learning curve which scares a lot of newcomers away. Anything that helps to make it easy for newbies to adopt Drupal is a step forward for it IMO.

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