The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Planet Drupal

Submitted by christophe on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 22:24
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Planet Drupal

A starter kit for new Drupal folks

In this newcomer guide, you will find:

  • How to accelerate the onboarding process and how to get a fresh Drupal 8 install, for testing.
  • The documentation reduced to the essential for the following topics: tools, projects, Drupal concepts and drupalisms, main events, contribution and service providers.
  • A brief comparison of other solutions, and when to use Drupal. is a gold mine of documentation when you know where to look but, as a newcomer, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of contents and the learning curve.

It comes from the observation that, as a developer from another technology stack, it took me some time and the luck of meeting the right persons to be aware of the richness of the Drupal ecosystem and the people that make it live.

So new Drupal people probably need a fast ship to visit the Planet Drupal and maybe stay a while.

Main goals of the Drupalship

  • Provide a starting point for newcomers.
  • Reduce the documentation to the essential.
  • Install Drupal 8 fast, for testing.
  • Compare with other solutions and give you the arguments to convince (or not) your client, your manager or yourself.
  • Produce a maintainable documentation, that could be eligible for translation.
  • And some more points described in the project roadmap.

There are at least 42 reasons to

start your journey on


Thanks for this guide! As a Drupal newbie I struggled to find a good learning path. This will come in handy for many newbies looking to adapt to Drupal.


I am so delighted to see this site. It embodies many of the thoughts I have around first time experience of Drupal.

I posted a proposal in issue queue for a user listing / search which has similar motivations, to streamline people’s journey to getting hooked on community and Drupal.

It’s interesting to see your site and how it is addressing very well done key audiences.

I cannot praise this work enough.

Thank you

Paul Johnson


PS I will be promoting this site for sure :-)

Thank you Paul, and the people who commented on Twitter, to confirm that the project is on the right track.
There where some doubts while working on this first release. As mentioned in a previous blog post, this should be regarded as a first reaction to a DrupalCamp discussion, so let’s see what will be the next moves to get the ship at its destination.

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